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Updated: Jul 1

It all starts with a plan:

Social media can be overwhelming at times. To help our communities on the Main-to-Main trail, we have a video and template guide that can help assist you and get your creative juices flowing.

Social media monthly content creation is a GREAT brainstorming activity with your promotions committee. Here are steps you can take to divide and conquer!

  1. Upload the Monthly Social Media Content document below to a cloud based storage platform.

  2. Share the document with your promotions committee members and ask them to watch the video below.

  3. Ask committee members to jot down monthly ideas they feel would help bring people downtown on the monthly content document.

  4. Schedule a meeting to gather as a group to discuss the ideas and determine which ones would be most attractive to a visitor or local.

  5. Ask who on the committee has a passion for writing.

  6. Ask the volunteer writers to sign up for a month{s} to assist you with crafting social media content.

  7. Set deadlines and go over the content at your promotions committee meetings. That way everyone always stays on the same page.

Below is a video of Ben Muldrow presenting the calendar and documents to assist you with your planning.

These ideas are optional but may help you at the local level.

Social Media Calendar
Download PDF • 638KB

Social Media Monthly Idea Document
Download DOCX • 64KB

Owner Spotlight Questions
Download DOCX • 34KB

Volunteer Spotlight Questions
Download DOCX • 31KB

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