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Liz Simpers: Wake Forest

2023 NC Main Street Champion

As the President of the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce, Liz Simpers has restructured the organization to grow its membership offerings. Her support of local businesses and entrepreneurs through mentorship programs has boosted economic growth in the region, as well as increased community involvement in the downtown area. Also, Liz has actively led government affairs initiatives to enhance the downtown area’s visibility, ensuring that residents and surrounding communities have easy navigation to downtown.

Liz has been a driving force behind numerous community events that bring residents and visitors together. Her dedication to preserving the town’s historical character, while infusing it with new energy, has been instrumental in making downtown Wake Forest a destination. Beyond her professional endeavors, Liz has been a tireless advocate, working to ensure a thriving, economical and diverse downtown, connecting with all ages and demographics. The energy she brings to the room is felt by anyone she encounters. Liz Simpers has left an indelible mark on downtown Wake Forest.

Wake Forest is proud to recognize Liz Simpers as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion


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