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Kate Stahlman: Waxhaw

2022 NC Main Street Champion

For many years Kate Stahlman has lived and raised her family in Waxhaw. She works at Waxhaw United Methodist Church and Sweet T's Flowers, which are both strong downtown partners. In September of two thousand twenty, during the COVID-nineteen pandemic, Kate joined the Waxhaw Main Street Advisory Board. She was excited to support small businesses and maintain Waxhaw's historic charm. At that time, Waxhaw's Main Street Program was in a rebuilding stage and Kate offered her support, despite the challenges of the program's structure. When a new director was hired in June of two thousand twenty-one, Kate was an important part of rebuilding the program. In April of two thousand twenty-two, Kate was instrumental in starting the Four Point Committees. She joined the Design Committee and served as the Vice-Chair on the Main Street Advisory Board. Kate has given additional time to interview board candidates, shown up early to set up for events, and led the charge to design beautiful downtown planters. Kate constantly seeks to learn more about the Main Street Four Point Approach by attending trainings and conferences. She is a crucial part of the Waxhaw Main Street team and that is why Kate Stahlman is its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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