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Jody Nichols: Waynesville

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Jody Nichols is a Main Street Champion in the truest sense. He wears the title of Building Inspector, but serves as Community Caretaker, Chief Decorator, and Main Street’s Go­To Guy. Jody goes the extra mile, serves with a smile, and never turns down an opportunity to help. He’s a friend to everyone he meets, with an infectious sense of humor and warm, personable nature.

Jody owes nothing to Main Street, but freely gives wherever he’s needed, always happy to help but expecting nothing in return. He is a true hometown hero, not only for what he gives but for the driving force behind his generosity­- a true spirit of pride in his hometown community and genuine concern for the people who live, work, and play here.

Waynesville is proud to recognize Jody Nichols as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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