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James Flanigan and Kevin O’Leary - Elizabeth City

J.D. Lewis Construction Management owners James Flanigan and Kevin O’Leary have had a tremendous impact on the revitalization of downtown Elizabeth City. They took a long-vacant historic building from a dilapidated, blighted state and restored it to a beautiful 44-unit market rate apartment building. James and Kevin saw the potential of the building and of downtown Elizabeth City and took the financial risk to invest in the project. They maintained the building’s historic integrity and landmark status through the restoration process. They had vision where others did not and now Elizabeth City visitors are greeted with a visual of a renewed downtown. They understood the importance of revitalizing the building, knowing it would become a catalyst for other projects. Their work has reinstilled a sense of pride in downtown Elizabeth City.

James Flanigan and Kevin O’Leary are humble guys who don’t seek credit or recognition, but they deserve to be honored as North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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