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Goldsboro - Gretchen Reed

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Have you ever had someone on your team that never says no to cries for help, spends a great deal of their personal time thinking about ways to improve your organization, and never quits? Well, these are just some of the outstanding qualities Gretchen Reed brings to the table when she commits herself to your organization. One of the characteristics we love about Gretchen is that she doesn’t just recommend a project in hopes that someone else will do it. She does it!

Whether it is attending state or national Main Street conferences, planting flowers, painting quote boards, prepping for events, meeting with business owners, or chairing a committee, Gretchen has done almost everything in her 7 years as a

Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation Board Member, and she has done it all with passion and enthusiasm. She is truly one of downtown Goldsboro’s most treasured assets, which is why we are proud to name her our North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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