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Goldsboro- Bethany Mohr

Bethany Mohr has not only been dynamic investment partner in Downtown Goldsboro, but she has also been a tireless advocate for it. She has shared her family’s story as a marker of success and proof of the revitalization that has swept through Downtown Goldsboro. Ms. Mohr has been involved in rescuing almost an entire neglected city block through her family’s investment and rehabilitation. She has ownership in multiple downtown businesses and has recruited numerous other investors and merchants. Bethany embodies the Main Street principles through her efforts to get the community to think local. She is leading a new generation of entrepreneurs and downtown enthusiasts to see what she sees, and the city’s Main Street is the beneficiary. The Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation staff and board could not be prouder of who Bethany Mohr is as a person. a leader, and a North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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