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Gloria Brindle: Smithfield

2022 NC Main Street Champion

In January of two thousand twenty, after nearly two years of working to find the right location, and overcoming many obstacles along the way, Gloria Brindle and her husband Troy signed a lease to open The Gilded Pear Brew House in Downtown Smithfield. Over the next several months, amid the uncertainty of a global pandemic, Gloria worked to bring her vision for a coffee shop and cafe offering "the pear necessities of life" to reality. She finally opened in August two thousand twenty. The Gilded Pear is a beautiful space at which members of the community gather for coffee, a meal, live music and trivia, and a variety of celebrations. Gloria and Troy truly embrace the community in everything that they do. Gloria sets the bar high for downtown business owners from their exterior and storefront window displays to their participation in all Downtown Smithfield's promotions and events. Downtown Smithfield appreciates Gloria for her vision, creativity, kindness, and willingness to go above and beyond for others. It is Downtown Smithfield’s honor to recognize Gloria Brindle as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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