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Elizabeth Whitmore - Sanford

Elizabeth "Liz" Whitmore is a Planner in Historic Preservation for the City of Sanford, but she is also the visionary for public art for the community. She fully understands that art is for everyone and has worked tirelessly over the last four years to bring public art to Sanford through murals and sculptures. Liz is an advocate for raising awareness of Sanford and uses her love of art, nature, and partnerships within the community to place downtown Sanford on the map as a destination. She has worked with regional artists to tell Sanford's history on buildings and through sculpture in local parks. From dreams to installation, Liz has managed to secure grants and gain private contributions to bring her visions to reality. Downtown Sanford, Inc., is grateful for her dedication to and love of Sanford and that is why she a North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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