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David Teddy - Shelby

Local lawyer David Teddy is a staunch supporter of the Uptown Shelby Association and Uptown businesses. In late March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, he began hosting virtual concerts to support local restaurants and musicians, which are an integral part of the Uptown Shelby community. These TMT Listening Loft Sessions, which were hosted by David’s local law firm, were streamed online for thousands to enjoy. Each week, they highlighted a different Uptown restaurant to encourage the community to get take-out, tip well, and enjoy the music, food, and spirit of Uptown from home. Understanding that the pandemic’s economic fallout would hamper the Uptown Shelby Association’s ability to serve local businesses, David also led a fundraising campaign for the organization to help it make up for lost revenue.

David Teddy has selflessly given his time and resources to support both the Uptown organization and businesses, making him a true North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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