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David Gerrells: Reidsville

2023 NC Main Street Champion

David Gerrells is the owner of Cafe 99 and Caterfest in Downtown Reidsville. David opened his business in 1999 and has worked tirelessly to create a special and unique place for families and visitors to come and enjoy downtown. He offers a delicious, affordable lunch and popular catering services to the Reidsville community and beyond. People come from near and far to enjoy David’s 1950's style restaurant, wonderful food, and great service.

David is also an investor in downtown Reidsville, owning several buildings. Most recently he worked directly with the Main Street Director to locate a new business seeking a downtown Reidsville location. This business is now thriving and credits David and his support for its success. Besides his enticing food, David is known for his love of community, and willingness to help others. He has and continues to make coming to downtown Reidsville a great experience.

Reidsville is honored to recognize David Gerrells as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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