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City of Lenoir Public Works - Sanitation Division

TOGETHER WE CREATE … A Downtown that Shines! Driving through Downtown Lenoir on a crisp Sunday morning, you would never guess that the day before there were 15,000 people, 150 vendors, 55 trash cans, and dozens of tables and chairs in the streets. How is Downtown so clean after such an event? How is it so pristine? The answer is the City of Lenoir Public Works-Sanitation Division! The employees work every day to keep Downtown beautiful, but when an event rolls in, they roll out the red carpet! They wash streets, clean trash bins, and ensure everything looks fantastic. During an event, they always help set up when asked and keep trash cans emptied. Afterward, they stay Downtown until the wee hours of morning. They roll up the red carpet, clean the streets, and guarantee Downtown Lenoir is shiny and ready for Sunday morning!

Lenoir’s Public Works–Sanitation Division works behind the scenes but is a CHAMPION every day! Now it is also a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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