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Carla Steele: Statesville

2023 NC Main Street Champion

Carla Steele is the epitome of a committed board member. A Downtown business and property owner, Carla served as the treasurer of the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation Board of Directors for fourteen years. Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism have guided the organization through lean years and years of advancement, property acquisition and sale, and many changes in processes and standards, to grow and sustain a financially sound organization.

Early in her tenure as treasurer, she was the catalyst for by-law changes to give the Board of Directors more continuity and make it easier to maintain its high standards. In 2022, she made the decision to move on to other endeavors. However, Carla cared so much about the future of downtown that she has remained available to educate her successor, give gentle reminders, and answer frequent questions. Her contribution to Downtown Statesville has been invaluable and the organization has been incredibly fortunate to have someone of her professional caliber for so long.

For her unwavering and long­ term passion and commitment to Downtown Statesville, the organization is honored to select Carla Steele as its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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