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Bobby Compton: Mooresville

2022 NC Main Street Champion

Town of Mooresville Commissioner Bobby Compton is one of the few who can say he was born and raised in Mooresville. He has always served the community he loves. In two thousand five, Bobby retired as Mooresville’s Fire Marshall after thirty-one years of service. In two thousand eleven, he was elected to Mooresville's Board of Commissioners to continue serving his community. Commissioner Compton is the Town Board liaison to the Mooresville Downtown Commission and has long been an ardent supporter of Downtown Mooresville and its Economic Development activities. Serving on the North Carolina League of Municipalities, National League of Cities, and Centralina Regional Council, Bobby shares the downtown’s successes across the region and state. As liaison to Mooresville's Historic Preservation Commission, Commissioner Compton also protects the vital historic backdrop of the community. Bobby has recently taken the helm in supporting two projects that will bring positive impacts to Downtown Mooresville, a mixed-use infill project with a parking structure and its newly implemented Social District. Both projects will bring financial benefits to locally owned businesses and additional offerings to the community. Downtown Mooresville thanks Commissioner Bobby Compton for his many years of dedicated service to the community and is pleased to select him as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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