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Bob Barker - Cherryville

With an active downtown and Main Street program, Cherryville has a lot going for it and Bob Barker recognized that. Bob, a Cherryville native, who now lives in Fuquay-Varina, also recognized that there is still plenty of work to do. Soon after asking how he could help Cherryville further its downtown vision, Bob decided to make a significant investment towards the city’s proposed multi-million-dollar streetscape project.

Bob Barker loves and believes in his hometown and understands how downtown Cherryville adds value to the lives of its citizens. Can love be measured in dollars? Some may say no, but people in Cherryville will argue that point a MILLION times over. Because of Bob’s commitment to his hometown and his enormous generosity, Cherryville is honored to designate Bob Barker as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.


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