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ARTS Wake Forest Volunteers: Wake Forest

2022 NC Main Street Champions

Wake Forest Downtown, Inc. is proud to recognize the volunteers of ARTS Wake Forest as its Main Street Champion. Since nineteen- ninety, this local non-profit organization has been advocating for the arts in the community. It enhances the strong and vibrant downtown through the development, promotion and coordination of arts and cultural activities. ARTS Wake Forest and its subsidiary, Wake Forest Guild of Artists, have hosted an annual Holiday Artisans Market downtown since two thousand fifteen. This annual event draws over two thousand five hundred visitors from throughout the Triangle area to see and purchase locally made art. During the two thousand twenty-one COVID nineteen pandemic, they were instrumental in helping drive foot traffic downtown with the creation of a Spring Artisans Market held in various private parking lots throughout downtown. The success of this market led to Wake Forest Downtown partnering with ARTS Wake Forest to offer a Spring Artisans Market as part of Forest Fest. This is a new annual event held in April two thousand twenty-two that focuses on celebrating the heart of the community. ARTS Wake Forest also supports local professional and student artists through quarterly art shows held at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre. These dedicated volunteers are not just champions downtown, but throughout the community. Wake Forest Downtown is pleased to honor the ARTS Wake Forest Volunteers as its two thousand twenty-two Main Street Champion.


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