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Jim Masek - Rutherfordton

Since coming to Rutherfordton a little over three years ago, Jim Masek has become an integral part of the downtown community. Not only do he and his partner own a great downtown bed and breakfast, but he has also made an impact in other ways in a short period of time.

Jim quickly became involved in Rutherford Town Rising (Rutherfordton’s Main Street program) and joined boards of other local organizations including the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority, the Rutherfordton Garden Club, and KidSenses Children's Museum. Jim has led many local enhancement projects. If he sees something in need of improvement, he soon finds the means to make it better.

Jim has helped countless merchants with their curb appeal and the design components of their businesses. His input and expertise have undoubtedly helped improve the visibility and foot traffic of many downtown merchants.

Jim Masek is, without a doubt, a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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