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Downtown Oxford's Entrepreneurs Are Moving Forward

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Downtown Oxford is “baking” up entrepreneurs investing in old spaces with the strong new desire to connect and engage our community. The Orpheum is the only remaining movie theater building, built in 1913, where Cody and Britnye Shore breathed new life back into this space complete with renovated neon signage and a plan to open the space as an entertainment and event venue. Even with Covid-19 group restrictions, several excited and enthusiastic community members and leaders came out to see the “Neon’s” light up again on June 13th at 6:00 pm.

Strong Arm Baking Company is transitioning from porch drops, farmers markets and bread-share mobile activities to a new brick and mortar 3100 square foot restaurant. The building was built in 1901 as R S Montague Grocery, turned Fox Department Store 1929 and then Granville Furniture Company until 2015. Thomas and Julia Blaine purchased the building with a specific vision, build a “Strong” community around great tasting baked goods. The Bakery will be a center of activity, creativity and energy just like their owners. The state's CDBG-ED program provided $300,000 in support for the rehabilitation of Strong Arm's vacant downtown building. The Strong Arm Baking company committed to creating 19 full-time jobs with 60 percent of those jobs available to low and moderate income individuals.

Downtown Oxford is evolving through fresh creative ideas connecting our history with a vision of an innovative spirit to grow Downtown; the future of Oxford looks very bright.

Submitted by: Mary Yount

Downtown Development Director

City of Oxford

Downtown Oxford Economic Development Corporation (DOEDC)


Orpheum: Check out renovation progress HERE


Strong Arm Baking Company: Check out the progress HERE



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