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Cherryville- Sherry D. Bingham

Updated: Mar 21, 2019


Coming into the Cherryville Main Street Program in 2013, Sherry Bingham listened, learned, and devised a way to put her talents to work. As the program progressed with a structured and efficient plan, Sherry began an effort to add elements of creativity, beauty, and reflection by presenting an idea to revitalize a little-used alleyway. It was not in the plan, but the Board saw something in the idea and agreed to pursue it. With a composition of art, murals, aphorisms, and adages, as well as complementary seating and the clever use of lighting, Sherry transformed an afterthought space into a functional, engaging, children-themed work of art! Now, instead of avoiding a dark alley, people not only use the walkway, but also spend considerable time in Cherryville’s new Children’s Art way. A plan is essential, but even more essential are the personalities of those who work it. The Cherryville Main Street program is glad that Sherry Bingham, its North Carolina Main Street Champion, showed it a way to stop and smell the cherry blossoms.

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