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2023 Award of Merit: Elkin

Updated: Jun 28

The Frazier Building

2023 NC Main Street Award: Design

Best Facade Rehabilitation for Less Than $15,000

  • Laurie Milligan

The Frazier Building, located at 209 West Main Street in Elkin, North Carolina, was purchased by Laurie Milligan in the fall of 2021 for $165,000. The building had some exterior decay around the doors and windows, and a patchwork of paint that had been randomly added over the years.

The Elkin Main Street program, on behalf of Ms. Milligan, requested a facade design plan from the North Carolina Main Street and Rural Planning Center and their UNC Greensboro Main Street Fellows partners.

Southern Construction was hired to repair the woodwork. They rebuilt the doorframes, windowsills, and sashes as needed with mahogany, and LKN Custom Painting cleaned and painted the facade surface following the UNCG design plan. A new awning and sign were also installed. The facade improvements cost $9,400. The owner was inspired by the finished facade improvement and invested an additional $143,000 to complete structure repairs and rehabilitate part of the second floor for a new Airbnb unit.

The building is fully occupied with a furniture store on the first floor, and one apartment on the second floor in addition to the Airbnb unit. Inquiries to rent the apartment increased by 90%, the rental rate increased by 20% and the assessed value of the building tripled with the improvements.

As a realtor, Ms. Milligan also noted the increased interest from buyers looking to purchase downtown buildings since her facade improvement was completed.


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