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2022 Award of Merit: Salisbury

Bankett Station

2022 NC Main Street Award: Economic Vitality

Best Infill Building Project

  • Downtown Properties, LLC

  • Bogle Firm Architecture

  • Ritchie Engineering

  • SE Collins Consulting Engineers

  • Design Engineering

  • Vertex Construction

  • City of Salisbury

This well-travelled corner in downtown Salisbury had previously included a former service station, two warehouses, and automobile buildings, all of which had been vacant for years. Downtown Properties, LLC, is comprised of many local investors, including two partners who wished to relocate their business downtown.

The former service station removed from the site contained pink granite, a material unique to Salisbury. The building was carefully deconstructed to extract the historic material and save it for future projects. In place of the former structures is a newly constructed 6,000 square foot, two-story building that represents an investment of $3.5 million in downtown. In addition to the commercial space to accommodate the relocated business, five market rate apartments will help fill the need for residential units in Downtown Salisbury.

Downtown Properties worked with Bogle Firm Architecture to design a building that would be attractive and engaging on the street level, with a nod to the historic buildings surrounding it. In addition to the aesthetic improvements that Bankett Station gives the corner, it brought more than twenty employees of the sixty-year-old relocated company to downtown. The occupants of the five residential units will patronize downtown retailers, restaurants, and services.

Immediately next door to Bankett Station is a 7,500 square foot warehouse that will soon be leased with tenant upfits, and an adjacent warehouse is being marketed as a design-build opportunity.

Bankett Station now serves as a gateway into historic downtown Salisbury.


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