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TOGETHER WE CREATE Downtown Lenoir Branding Campaign

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

2018 Best Image-Building Campaign

Lenoir, NC

The TOGETHER WE CREATE Downtown Lenoir story-brand and comprehensive image-building campaign took a year to complete and required countless hours by a dedicated volunteer branding team. By telling the stories of entrepreneurs and innovators who embody downtown’s spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, the campaign is aimed at attracting a target audience of like-minded people with goals of opening a business and investing in downtown.

Destination by Design was selected to develop the brand, and funding was secured from the Lenoir Tourism Development Authority and the City of Lenoir Economic Development Department. The firm conducted research and analysis, developed a brand statement, goals and objectives, and deliverables that included a comprehensive marketing message, media advertising, a website, an e-newsletter and social media platforms, printed pieces, and a complete line of merchandising items.

The brand propelled the notion that TOGETHER WE CREATE…vitality, solutions, great spaces…our DOWNTOWN! The story brand and image building campaign are powerful tools that are helping to move downtown redevelopment forward. The $51,000 branding initiative has leveraged investment in property and businesses, attracted more than 100 committed volunteers, and sparked statewide media recognition.


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