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Matt Hubert, Todd Matthews, andMoe Nassir: Waxhaw

2023 NC Main Street Champion

In 2023, Matt Hubert, Todd Matthews, and Moe Nassiri led Waxhaw’s Downtown Pedestrian Improvement Project. In 2016, Matt started working as the Town Engineer. He persevered through seven years of hurdles on the project and stuck with the vision of providing a safer, more walkable, pedestrian ­friendly downtown for Waxhaw’s businesses and residents. Since 2002 Todd has worked as the Town of Waxaw Public Services Director. He served as the on ­the ­ground contact for the construction crew.

Throughout construction, Todd and his team made sure that downtown looked pristine, and businesses were accessible, even when the streets were torn up and sidewalks were blocked. Moe was hired as the contractor, and he and his team made the vision a reality. Every day, Moe was on-site collaborating with town staff, business owners, and building owners to make the project the best it could be. He became a regular at our downtown businesses, supporting them during the project. Downtown Waxhaw could not have chosen a better project team than these three gentlemen. We are so thankful for their commitment to making Downtown Waxhaw more beautiful and their support of downtown businesses.

Waxhaw is proud to honor Matt Hubert, Todd Matthews, and Moe Nassirias its 2023 North Carolina Main Street Champions.


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