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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

2017 Best Innovation

Goldsboro, NC

One of many "Cool Projects" in downtown Goldsboro, NC
One of many "Cool Projects" in downtown Goldsboro, NC

This project is a culmination of cool, fun, artful amenities in downtown Goldsboro that are intended to add interest to the district. The $16,000 in "Cool Projects" incorporates nine quote boards, a "We love Downtown" photo contest with over 7,000 impressions, public art sculptures on three blocks of Center Street, a public piano, three alley enhancements, "Do It Downtown" sidewalk signs, and wind chimes on four blocks of Walnut Street. These individual projects have collectively made a tremendous difference in the energy and interest in downtown Goldsboro.

For the past three years, the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation planning retreat agenda has had an item entitled "Small Ideas, Big Impacts." Board members present ideas and the board selects three items to work on during the upcoming year. Volunteers, partners, the Downtown Corporation and the City come together to make each project happen.

Since these projects have been implemented, downtown Goldsboro has experienced a net gain of 24 new businesses, over 30 new property acquisitions, 118 full-time jobs, and more than $12 million in private investment, plus attention from WRAL, and a significant increase in social media interest.

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