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Food Recruitment: Warrenton

Population 851

Warrenton, N.C., did not have a grocery store. For several years, the community attempted to recruit a big box grocer. After encountering several roadblocks, they turned their focus on a smaller, existing independent grocer, Henderson Fruit & Produce, located in Henderson.

Warrenton knew they may have to incentivize Henderson Fruit & Produce to open another location, so the town offered the grocer free rent for one year.

The town owns two downtown buildings in downtown Warrenton. The space is used for startup office space and co-working space. Several businesses have launched in the co-working space. The grocery store was within the mission and purpose of the co-working space. Henderson Fruit & Produce invested $200,000 in purchasing equipment, upgrading the electrical system, and making other building improvements in exchange for a year’s free rent.

Henderson Fruit & Produce of Warrenton opened its doors to the Warrenton community in September of 2023.


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