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Revival – 35 North Main

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

2016 Best Upper Floor Redevelopment

Belmont, NC

The Revival - 35 North Main project, Belmont, NC
The Revival - 35 North Main project, Belmont, NC

The Revival - 35 North Main project combined the individual visions of the property owner and the business owners. For the past 19 years, the building, which was constructed in 1971, had been owned by the same family and housed its business. While the Main Street storefront was continuously occupied, the property owner wanted to maximize the building's income potential by fully leasing it, but was reluctant to invest in renovations before securing a tenant.

REVIVAL owners, Luke Manlove and Carmen Powers, were seeking a downtown location that would promote their company brand and business concept. As an integrated design firm intending to "revive" existing small town businesses and attract new economic development, the 35 North Main Street property was ideal. They collaborated with the building owners, Dick and Sandra Cromlish, to rehabilitate the vacant upper level into a high-end, 3,220 square foot residential unit and design studio, creating a live-work space, the only known example in Belmont. The renovations began in February of 2015 and were completed by August 1, 2015. The design aesthetic of the second floor, which was previously a warehouse for a school supply company, is a combination of post-industrial and mid-century with modern amenities. Some features, such as doors and a double staircase were left intact but repurposed. The unit has a design studio and an open living space with a full-service kitchen, as well as a bedroom, bathroom, office and living room. It is an extension of the first-floor office, often showcasing the firm’s products and services.

A total of $100,000 was invested in the property improvements, $85,000 of which was devoted to the second-floor live-work space. The second floor has gone from non-income-producing to generating $23,400 in annual lease income. Since occupying the spaces at 35 North Main, REVIVAL has been involved in several retail development projects in downtown Belmont, one of which has created new full and part-time jobs.

The NC Department of Commerce – NC Main Street and Rural Planning congrats Dick & Sandra Cromlish, Luke Manlove and Carmen Powers on this award. Thanks for your investment in your community.

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