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Cammack Building Renovation

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

2019 Award of Merit - Best Adaptive Reuse Project

Burlington, NC

The historic Cammack Building located at 133 East Davis Street in downtown Burlington has gained new life as a public-private meeting space and the headquarters for Impact Alamance foundation.

The building was originally built in 1908 and most recently was a call center for LabCorp. A true community partnership was formed when LabCorp approached Impact Alamance with the offer of a donated property. With a value of almost $2 million, this gift has created a new use for the Cammack Building that supports community efforts in a variety of ways.

The Cammack renovation cost around $3.5 million o execute. This work closely fit part of Burlington’s 20-year Vision and Action Plan to create space for gathering and innovating within their town. The renovation has provided downtown Burlington with the first large meeting and event space of its kind, bringing people from all parts of the city, county, and state into the district daily.

The meeting space is used daily and has hosted over 8,000 people since its opening in 2018. As a result, downtown Burlington can now bring large conferences, speakers, and workshops to the district, which also introduces more workday business to local restaurants and shops.

The Cammack renovation is a great example of a town leveraging their historic resources to execute their vision and needs with local partnerships.

Congratulations to this Small Town Main Street community for its 2019 award.

In the category of ECONOMIC VITALITY, Best Adaptive Reuse Project is awarded to the best adaptive reuse of a building that has outlived its former purpose and has been adapted for a new use that serves current demand.

An Award of Merit is presented to: Impact Alamance, LabCorp, Cone Health, Samet Corporation, Design Concepts, Moser Mayer Phoenix Associates, Shermin Ata Architect, Alfred Williams & Company, and Alamance Arts for Impact Alamance Cammack Building Renovation

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