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Be A Part of What Makes This Work Volunteer Development Program

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

2018 Best Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Recognition

Lenoir, NC

The heart of any dynamic Main Street program is its people. Their enthusiasm should be fueled by training and guided by objectives. Lenoir’s “Be a Part of What Makes This Work” volunteer training and recognition program equips its dedicated people with the concepts and principles of the Main Street America Approach.

The four-point approach, volunteer opportunities, and responsibilities are presented in a creative and energetic orientation workshop and reinforced in all gatherings.

Support is provided for the volunteer “CREW” members to attend the North Carolina Main Street conference and state meetings. They also attend the “I Love Lenoir Main Street Annual Recognition Celebration” which acknowledges the year’s accomplishments and efforts.

More than 100 volunteers now make up the Lenoir Main Street volunteer CREW, and they consist of business and property owners, bankers, real estate agents, newspaper staff, elected officials, and community nonprofit partners. Volunteers wear T-shirts to reinforce the group’s identity and for recognition at events. The volunteer core group serves as the driving force behind the Main Street program’s goals and objectives.

The annual $6,500 investment by the Main Street program has yielded an average of 2,900 volunteer hours per year, valued at nearly $68,000

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