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Zack Wynne & Kyle James - Roxboro

In the middle - that is where you find Roxboro's 2020 Main Street Champions. With a destination business that is, coincidently, located in the middle of Main Street, Zack Wynne and Kyle James have made it their mission to be "in the middle" of anything and everything happening in Uptown Roxboro. From scheduling food truck events to coordinating craft and music nights, these guys put the champ in champion! Their involvement began in 2018, when they opened their bottle shop.

The first business of its kind in Roxboro, 1792 Beer Co. has proved to be a much-needed addition and its owners are no different. Volunteering at monthly car shows, playing a key role in COVID-19 resilience efforts, hosting contests, and participating in an assortment of other Uptown events,

Zack Wynne and Kyle James provide a welcome jolt of energy for Uptown Roxboro and are very deserving of the title, North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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