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Steve Hill - Statesville

A lifelong resident of Iredell County, Steve Hill has given many years of service to the community and Downtown Statesville. His passion for history and collecting started when he was young and became what is now the Statesville Historical Collection, home to thousands of photographs and memorabilia collected over several decades. Steve is Downtown Statesville Development Corporation’s source for history, graciously responding to countless requests for old photos to help with façade restorations, new stories for downtown ghost tours, and information for the revamped historic walking tour. He leads downtown tours for students and visitors, regaling them with facts, legends and original songs. His research over the years has uncovered many unique Statesville stories that will be passed on to future generations.

Steve Hill’s hard work and passion for preserving Statesville’s local history are greatly appreciated, and the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation is proud to honor him as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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