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Salisbury - Pete Bogle

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Pete Bogle is the "go to" person in our downtown for architectural design, creative re-use ideas, and advocacy for historic buildings and downtown spaces. The BOGLE Firm provides design services for many downtown projects, a great number of which Pete offers in kind. He is creative, wise, and fully understands the value and impact of downtown development and historic preservation.

Pete's service to Downtown Salisbury is extraordinary! He serves as the current Chair of the Design Master Plan Committee and as past Vice President of the Downtown Salisbury, Inc. (DSI), Board of Directors. Most recently, Pete has worked with DSI and Salisbury City Planning staff on several redevelopment, community engagement and open house projects where his contributions have been invaluable to their success.

Pete signs his emails with the phrase, "in your service" and luckily for us, it's true!  We thank Pete Bogle for his contributions and honor him as Downtown Salisbury's North Carolina Main Street Champion!

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