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Roxboro- Chief Kenneth Torain and The Roxboro Fire Department

The outstanding efforts of Chief Kenneth Torain and the Roxboro Fire Department in protecting the City of Roxboro are just the beginning of their service to the community. They are always available to assist with the needs of citizens and visitors. Chief Torain and his committed team genuinely go above and beyond to make Uptown Roxboro a better community, and their dedication is nothing short of humbling. They exemplify the real meaning of being a volunteer. From fundraisers for the Person County Burned Children's Fund to decorating Uptown on Thanksgiving Day, they do everything with a mindset of service above self. Uptown Roxboro is blessed and honored to have these individuals in the community and appreciates the opportunity to acknowledge all the ways they give of themselves. From a genuinely grateful community, thank you to the Roxboro Fire Department and Chief Torain, Uptown Roxboro’s North Carolina Main Street Champions.

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