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Lenoir- Downtown Lenoir Main Street Volunteers

As they were leaving the Carolina Tattoo & Arts Gathering, one volunteer, turned around and happily hollered back, “When is our next opportunity?!” That is what Lenoir Main Street Volunteers call the chance to serve - an opportunity. But they are the ones providing the opportunities. Downtown Lenoir has the opportunity to grow because of their selflessness and servants’ hearts. Without them, downtown’s four signature events could not have grown. There would not have been additional Music Madness Summertime Gatherings, which showcase downtown to thousands and bring in new property owners and businesses. Even worse, there would be no Christmas trees decorated, cookies baked, wizard hats made, or frogs raced. Downtown would be boring without them. Now, Lenoir is taking the opportunity to honor them as North Carolina Main Street Champions to express sincere appreciation for all they do with joyful spirits to ensure that TOGETHER WE CREATE Downtown Lenoir.

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