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Kim & Annette Ringeisen - Edenton

Edenton became a little bit cooler when Kim and Annette Ringeisen moved to town, bringing both their businesses and their volunteer support to the community. The couple relocated to Edenton in 2019 and quickly embraced every aspect of community life, jumping into volunteer opportunities as soon as they arrived. Kim became a volunteer firefighter and opened Edenton Bay Photography, where he donates his photographic products for downtown projects. Annette began teaching sewing and felting classes, created a beautiful "Edenton" fabric which was nominated for a "Made in NC" award, and opened a retail storefront in downtown named "Cloth and Twine." Together, the couple purchased a downtown property and created an upper story apartment and studio.

Destination Downtown Edenton thanks Kim and Annette Ringeisen for their many investments in the community and positive leadership, and is honored to recognize them as North Carolina Main Street Champions!

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