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Hendersonville- John Connet

The days of a City Manager are filled with interactions. Citizens, City Council members, business owners, employees, and others occupy their time. Despite the demands of his position, Hendersonville City Manager John Connet has maintained a sharp focus on championing downtown Hendersonville's revitalization and the partnerships required to make it happen. Most importantly, as a community and organizational leader, he recognizes that no project is too big and complicated or too small and insignificant to deserve, and benefit from, his energy. In that vein, John has worked diligently to move a variety of preservation, reinvestment, infrastructure, and capital projects forward, attended the downtown program's annual volunteer recognition programs, and volunteered his time to support downtown events. He strives to be a model of leadership by creating emotional bonds that promote a sense of belonging and value. From the big things to the little things, he exerts a tremendous influence on Downtown Hendersonville. For these reasons and more, Hendersonville City Manager John Connet is Downtown Hendersonville’s North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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