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Faye Schulz - Sanford

Faye Schulz is a name everyone knows around Sanford. Faye has a smile that warms hearts, and she gives hugs to everyone that walks through her restaurant’s doors. Faye took a leap of faith on December 1, 1995, when she opened Mrs. Lacy's Magnolia House Tea Room - a dream she had to honor her Grandmother Coggins. The tearoom is well-known around central North Carolina and women's groups travel to Sanford from far and wide to sip Faye's famous strawberry lemonade and delight in her award-winning desserts. Year after year, Faye is recognized as making the best desserts in Lee County. She is a true delight to everyone she meets, gives back to her community, and nourishes souls with her food.

The Downtown Sanford, Inc., Board would like to thank Faye Schulz for being a champion for downtown as well as the entire Sanford community by naming her a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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