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Doug & Denise Morris - North Wilkesboro

Doug and Denise Morris are champions to North Wilkesboro and Wilkes County. They invested more than money into the historic rehabilitation of two downtown North Wilkesboro properties at 825 and 827 Main Street: they put in sweat equity to match.

From 2017 to 2020, Denise and Doug worked alongside construction crews, painters, electricians, and plumbers on their renovation project. Denise oversaw many aspects of the job and made sure contractors showed up. When they didn’t, which happened often, Denise filled in the holes and figured things out.

The Morrises learned a lot over the course of their three-year-long historic rehabilitation project and recently purchased another downtown property. They plan to rejuvenate a former farm-to-table restaurant property, which has been closed for two years, and bring a new eatery back to town.

Thank you, Doug and Denise Morris, for believing in downtown North Wilkesboro and putting your money where your heart is. You are North Carolina Main Street Champions!

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