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Cory Hughes - Laurinburg

Cory Hughes is the Tourism Director for Scotland County, but also serves as the de facto marketing director for the city of Laurinburg and Scotland County.

Serving on the Strategic Planning and Promotions committees for Laurinburg’s Main Street program, Cory provides invaluable counsel and insight. He created downtown Laurinburg’s brand, “The Downtown You Should Know,” along with a downtown website, marketing materials (including an introductory brochure used to inform merchants of the Main Street program’s efforts), and promotional pieces for downtown stores and businesses to hand out to customers. Cory has taken the lead in promoting other events that occur downtown, such as working with “Tis the Season” on developing its website and marketing materials. Corey has led the effort to bring other events to Main Street, including a community farmers market.

Laurinburg is proud to recognize Cory Hughes as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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