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Concord - Alan Bishop

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Alan Bishop joined the Concord Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) Board of Directors in July of 2015 and immediately jumped in as Chairman of the Promotions Committee. As the Board looked at paths for future Board leadership, Alan agreed to serve as Vice President during his second year on the Board and President during his third year. Prior to becoming a member of the Board, Alan was always one to support the CDDC’s promotions and events, and gave constructive feedback to help the organization improve all it undertook. As a member of the Board, he volunteers at most CDDC functions, supports the staff in a whole host of ways throughout the year, and provides financial support to the CDDC as a friend of Downtown Concord and as a sponsor of many events. He also brings other resources to the table year-round.

Alan Bishop is a true ambassador of Downtown Concord and the CDDC. We are honored to name him as our North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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