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Anne Smith - Fuquay-Varina

When Anne Smith retired from a career teaching high school, she began volunteering and found a new passion for her life’s next chapter in Downtown Fuquay-Varina. Her interest was logical, as she had owned property downtown since 2002 and was friends with the Main Street Director. Anne began by volunteering with the Garden Club to maintain the planters throughout downtown. Thanks to her diligent work and winning personality, she was quickly recruited to join the Fuquay-Varina Downtown Association Design Committee and then the Board of Directors, where she served for eight years. Anne’s dedication and enthusiastic spirit have been unmatched for downtown events, such as art auctions, mini-golf tournaments, sleigh rides, and more.

Anne’s energy is contagious. In fact, she recently raised a sizeable contribution at a downtown Live Auction fundraiser with an offer for the winner to join her for “A Night Out in Downtown.”

In gratitude for her unflagging, contagious support, Fuquay-Varina is proud to name Anne H. Smith as a North Carolina Main Street Champion.

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