Lunchplate Rural Community Training Program - Interest

NC Main Street is looking to offer a full-scale marketing training program to our accredited communities. Small Town Soul, who many of you may have met through the years at our annual conference, has developed a Rural Community Training Program specifically for Main Street communities. This program is based on their Lunchplate Marketing online program for small businesses where they take organizations through 7 different aspects of marketing to create a balanced and efficient marketing plan for their community/business/organization.


We know first hand what an important part marketing plays in the success of not only our communities but also the small businesses within them. This program provides a new level of training in different aspects of marketing including branding, social media, website, advertising, PR, collateral and analytics. It will not only help increase your knowledge in all of these areas, but it will also provide valuable tools to help streamline your efforts and become more efficient in implementing them. 


As part of the training, each community will have the opportunity to purchase their own license for the material for a full year at a discounted rate. This license allows you to take all of the knowledge, materials and tools from the class and hold your own workshops for downtown businesses. The benefits of having this license are:

  • Establish yourself as a resource for both new and existing businesses

  • Offer an incentive to owners looking to open or move their business

  • Give your community a competitive advantage when recruiting entrepreneurs

  • Offer expert support and advice

  • Have a free resource to brainstorm or troubleshoot through ideas or challenges as the Small Town Soul team supports you along the way

  • Feel confident in offering marketing planning and strategy advice to businesses

  • Offer businesses free access to the same resources and tools you get in the course

We have attached a flyer with more details about the program. The cumulative value of the course is over $7000 if it were purchased individually, but through this program, you can purchase it for only $2250, which includes an additional discount offered just to Main Street programs.


We would like to gauge how many of you would be interested in the community license at the discounted rate, if we pursue this training. Remember you can also look for community partners to help with the cost such as partnering with the local chamber or EDC. 


Please respond BELOW and let us know by MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, so that we can make a decision on how to move forward. We would be covering the costs for the initial training by Small Town Soul, you would just be responsible for purchasing the license for your community that allows you to offer the benefits mentioned above to your community businesses.

Leniece Lane

Small Town Soul

My Community is Interested!