NC Main Street Director's Meeting
August 4th - 6th

We are asking for your input so that we can make a decision about the upcoming required

Director's Meeting on August 4th-6th. 


As you all know, this meeting is for Directors and Staff ONLY.  

To prepare for a potential on location meeting, Asheboro has been able to secure their gym, located in downtown that will allow for people to sit with 6 feet of space between them.   As of now, that is over and beyond what the requirement is ... but it will still be nice to have some room to stretch out!

We need to understand your comfort level so that we can plan accordingly and make a decision as to the best format for 2021.   Please take the time to answer the survey.

Give Us Your Feedback
How many people will attend the Director's meeting from your community? REMEMBER, this is for Directors and Downtown Staff ONLY
What format would you prefer for the meeting?

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